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At Last! Radiotherapy Completed

It almost felt as though the day would never come, but... I did it! I completed radiotherapy!

This signals the end of my main treatments for stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I still have five Herceptin injections to go at three weeks apart and they will finish in the summer. What a long journey - 13 months of hospital visits. Chemo, surgery and then radiotherapy.

My takeaways from this last part of hospital treatment:

  • It's every day for three weeks so it got me into a routine. I can't count the number of days in the past year when I've simply not even bothered to get dressed.

  • The treatment didn't hurt but it was scary. I felt quite vulnerable while massive bits of equipment moved around me.

  • The effects can carry on building for up to two weeks after the treatment stops.

At the moment, my skin is pink/red and itchy. I am layering on Moogooo like there is no tomorrow. In the event of things getting worse, my GP has prescribed something. I don't know what exactly as it's not been collected from the chemist. I really don't want to be one of those poor ladies whose skin blisters or splits.

I have some other news... I got my first Covid-19 vaccination in January and hope to have the second next month.

Things are on the up. Here's to a fantastic summer.

* There is a more in-depth article on my radiotherapy treatment and skin care issues here.