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A New Venture In Lockdown

My creative writing has taken a back seat over the past few weeks. I have been engrossed in an exciting, new venture - I've launched a business!

Being in between surgery and radiotherapy, not to mention the third national lockdown, is probably a strange time to make such a bold move, but it has taken my mind off all the bad stuff.

It has got me writing too.

I've launched Regime Skin Care. Strangely, I don't actually sell anything.

Anti-Ageing Beauty Business

I research the anti-ageing skin care market for products with great reviews and even better prices. I then tell my followers about it. I can earn a small percentage from certain, respected marketplaces if people choose to buy. The customer does not pay any extra.

My website has a 'shop' but all the 'Buy Now' links take visitors to platforms like Amazon.

I am a skin care devotee, having tried almost every brand going and a very wide product range - from gentle skin peels to high-end serums.

Every day, I publish two new guides - all about rejuvenating maturing skin.

One of today's posts is about trial skin care kits and how they can kickstart a skin care routine.

I have set up a Facebook page and am gradually building a following. Each day, I hunt down new bargains and post them online. It's hard work but satisfying. Obviously, I have had to invest some money into the project, but it will be worth it if the distraction gets me, mentally, through the pandemic.


In the meantime, Lay Them to Rest, a compilation of three books, has finally started to gain some traction. This has really lifted my spirits as I put a lot of effort into putting the book together last year.

Things are pretty quiet over on Twitter. I am not complaining!

I hope everyone is coping. Let's hope we can all get the vaccine as soon as possible and return to the 'new normal'.