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Free Book Coupon To Mark My Upcoming Mastectomy

I would like to thank those who have recently signed up for my irregular newsletter. As some of you will know, I have been undergoing TCHP (Taxotere, Carboplatin, Herceptin and Perjeta) chemotherapy since February for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The chemo finally finished three weeks ago.

At last, the scans are done and I am meeting the surgeon to discuss my upcoming mastectomy on Monday afternoon. Cross everything, the chemo has done its job and the operation can go ahead at some point in the next three weeks. I would love to have had a complete response, but clear margins will do if that is not the case.

I am pleased to report that I am starting to feel a lot like my old self. In fact, I managed an enthusiastic star jump in my kitchen this morning after realising I, actually, feel pretty damned good. The only lingering drawback is that I still don't have any hair and, probably, won't for quite some time. For this reason, I will be wearing my best wig to the meeting with my surgeon. I want him to see me as a person and not just a bald cancer patient.

Yesterday, I had my first-ever sub cut Herceptin injection. The 600mg shot was administered very slowly over five minutes in my thigh, and was followed by a two-hour observation period. While the jab did really sting, I had no reaction and I can't even feel where I had the injection. Not so much as a red mark! It was vitally important to get this test out of the way. I can now have Herceptin at home, should we go back into full lockdown. I will need Herceptin every three weeks for a year to help prevent the cancer from coming back or spreading.

To mark the end of this phase of my treatment for stage three breast cancer, I would like you to choose one of my books that you would like to read. Simply send me an email with the book's title and I will raise a coupon for you to download it for free at Smashwords. To view the books available, click here.

Thank you for your ongoing support. The challenge now is to get fit for surgery. Having been on the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable list, I have spent the past six months literally lounging around on my sofa. Now that I have some energy, I want to put it to good use. Exercise will be important over the next week or so.

Thank you again and wish me luck!

The image for this post features me in my favourite wig.

Below: The day I started chemotherapy back in February.