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Free Regency Romance Foxglove Hall

For the first time, crime fiction author Belinda Bennett is to publish a Regency romance, Foxglove Hall, with a killer twist in instalments on her website.

The completely free series, set in the 1800s, can be read in bite-sized parts, each containing at least three chapters.

Instalment one is available to read online now. Click here to start reading.

Foxglove Hall introduces readers to dashing Lord Barrington. He has inherited his father’s colossal estate, including the family seat of Foxglove Hall in a leafy suburb of London. Promised to Miss Dorothea Stapleton, a woman he cannot stand, he goes out of his way to avoid being in her company. His principled mother, Lady Caroline Barrington, is hell-bent on seeing the match end in marriage. But, thanks to her gossiping companion, Miss Barbara Ludlow, she is convinced her son has fallen under the spell of a ‘harlot’.

The Mighty Loftus, a celebrity magician, is unceremoniously dismissed from Lady Caroline’s Friday evening soirées. He falls out of favour after his inappropriately dressed assistant engages in conversation with Lord Barrington. Formerly a kept woman, Amelia ‘Lionheart’ is looking to climb the social ladder. She is just waiting for the right opportunity.

With Dorothea expected to arrive for a protracted stay, at the invitation of Lady Caroline, Lord Barrington makes himself scarce. He travels to upmarket Mayfair to the ostentatious home of confirmed bachelor and good friend Sir Percy Drake, where he encounters the ravishingly beautiful Amelia again.

With Dorothea starting to realise her betrothed has no interest in her, tragedy and scandal beckon.