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Review: A Fatal Affair

Author: Pamela Crane

Price: Free

Rating: 5 stars

I read novella A Fatal Affair in one sitting, unable to put it down until I’d reached its conclusion.

Penned by USA Today best-selling author Pamela Crane, it is fast-paced, well-written and guaranteed to hook you in from the off.

This 66-page thriller consistently ranks in Amazon charts because it is worthy of the raft of five-star reviews it has attracted. You will find it in Psychological Thrillers, Noir Crime and Kidnapping Crime Fiction.

Mostly told in the first person, A Fatal Affair follows successful Hollywood writer and producer Allen Michaels as he desperately tries to salvage his marriage. Only trouble is… His much younger wife, Susan, has already moved on.

In fact, she’s pregnant – and she has no intention of allowing Allen to become the father he so longs to be.

Rejection and an impending divorce, which could financially ruin him, lead to murderous thoughts.

There are twists and turns in this story and, ultimately, nothing is quite what it seems.

Written in a crisp, clean style, I recommend this book to all crime fiction fans.

A Fatal Affair is a complementary novella to Crane’s best-selling psychological thriller The Admirer’s Secret. It’s a great introduction to her work.

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