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It's A Cruel World: New Kindle Release

Following on from the launch of thriller box set Lay Them To Rest comes It's A Cruel World.

A compilation of three novellas, the box set brings together twisted tales in two distinct genres - crime fiction and women's short reads.

Available from Amazon, as well as Smashwords, iBooks and Kobo, It's A Cruel World

It includes the following popular, stand-alone reads: Me Too Casey hasn’t been able to look best friend Linda in the face for two whole weeks. Not since Linda blurted out a secret that chilled her to the bone. Now Casey has just days, if not hours, to get her house in order before her world comes crashing down. Then, when the plug is pulled and her thinly veiled mask of respectability slips, everyone will know what she has known all along… She is married to a monster. Midlife Crisis Horrid hormones are playing havoc with Sammy-Jo's life. Middle-age is her worst nightmare come true, and she can’t cope. Trapped in a loveless marriage, her life spirals out of control as she struggles with the effects of the menopause. Worn down by sleepless nights, relentless hot flashes and anxiety, she is consumed with guilt after a shopping trip lands her on the wrong side of the law. With separate beds and almost separate lives, the Jacobs are on a collision course beyond anyone’s control. The Killer In My Family Tara Wilson's mother died suddenly when she was ten and nobody will tell her why. Now she is digging into her past to get to the truth - and someone doesn't like it. As she meets a wall of silence at nearly every turn, a dormant evil stirs. This journey of self-discovery and hankering to find her place in the world is fraught with danger. As Tara travels through the stunning landscapes of Devon and Cornwall searching for answers, she gets closer and closer... to pure evil. Her only hope of discovering the truth lies with the foster families who brought her up. But are they hiding something?

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