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Review: Ghost City

Author: Simon Warwick Beresford

Price: Free

Rating: 5 stars

Ghost City

They say variety is the spice of life and that is certainly true if, every now and then, you try something completely new. I ventured into the world of poetic fiction when I downloaded the highly original Ghost City by talented poet Simon Warwick Beresford.

A short read, I caught a quick plug for it on Twitter late one night. I was intrigued. The author said it was an introduction to his work and promised his other, paid-for works on Amazon are of an even higher quality.

At just 24 pages, it is a quick but, dare I say, satisfying read. Currently ranking in Erotic Horror, its low pagination belies the fact that it is packed with raw talent.

Unlike anything I have ever read before, Ghost City delivers a complete story in verse. Told in thirteen concise parts, the book includes bonus poems including a Ghost City Flashback offering.

This is a story about zombies, scattered brains and a future female heroine. It is about violence, containment and, ultimately, redemption.

A university graduate who has been writing since he was eleven, Simon’s other, longer books include:

  • Fascinate: Twisted Poems for the Depraved

  • Extinction Imminent

  • My Little Black Distress

If you have never experienced horror fiction told in rhyme, this author won’t disappoint.

Get Ghost City FREE here.

Visit Simon’s Amazon author page here.