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Review: The Wife (Book 1) – To Have and To Hold

Author: M. L. Roberts

Price: Permanently free

Rating: 5 stars

The first, gripping instalment of four-book series The Wife, To Have and To Hold takes the reader behind the façade of a seemingly perfect marriage. Free to download from Amazon, it is a well-written launchpad for a series penned by both traditionally and independently published author M. L. Roberts.

Eagerly snapped up by fans of Dr Foster and The Affair, the novella-length read shines a light on past infidelities and how they can never be forgotten – or forgiven.

Packed with suspense, it delves into the paranoid state that all too often wrecks marriages and lives. In this case, the lives of an outwardly successful couple with everything going for them. Of course, success doesn’t always add up to happiness.

With a believable storyline, this series starter has been a staple ranker in Amazon’s free charts since its launch.

I first downloaded the book after reading B. A. Paris’s 2016 best-seller Behind Closed Doors. It seemed like a perfect follow-on, and it was. I certainly had no complaints and was compelled to buy other books in the series. Written in the present tense, I found it engaging and entertaining.

Revisiting the book’s page on Amazon, I was disappointed to note poor reviews from people claiming not to have realised the book was part of a series – even though it is made obvious from the off. If they aren’t complaining about that, they are moaning about the length of the read – 107 pages.

I am a fan of novellas and short reads. Not only are they easier to digest, they are more likely to be read. I can’t recall the number of 400-page books I’ve started and not finished. I’d much rather get my reading fix in bite-sized instalments like this. Plus, the cost of all four books in the series is much less than many single books with a lower word count.

This series was a ‘goer’ for me. I, truly, could not put the books down.

I recommend this book if you like suspense stories that delve into the darker side of family life.

Other books in The Wife series:

  • For Better For Worse

  • In Sickness And In Health

  • Till Death Do Us Part

M. L. Roberts is a pen name for romance author Michelle Betham.

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