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Expanded Distribution for The Absent Daughter

Short read The Absent Daughter is now available from more outlets following a three-month stint exclusively with Amazon.

The ebook can be downloaded from Smashwords as of today, and will soon be for sale at iBooks (Apple), Kobo and many more.

About the book: One woman is battling cancer. Another is missing. The timing is unbelievably cruel.

You wouldn’t want to be in Linda Greaves’ shoes. A chemotherapy patient, she is forced to become an amateur sleuth when her twenty-something daughter, Kat, disappears while on a dream trip to Brisbane.

Just when she thinks life can’t throw her any more curve balls, Linda is thrust into a race against the clock. Can she unravel a complex web of lies before her next chemo infusion in twelve days’ time?

Through hair loss and insomnia, she manages to retain a sense of humour but, as the next round of cancer treatment edges closer, buried secrets cast a dark shadow over her hopes of being cured.

This is not a depressing read. It is a story about a breast cancer sufferer who can poke fun at herself, use the ‘cancer card’ to get her own way and even develop an unlikely sense of admiration for her ex-husband’s second wife (the one who replaced her).

Is Kat really in Australia? Or is she dead?

The truth will shock you.

A short crime fiction story with plenty of lighter moments.

Penned by an author currently undergoing TCHP chemotherapy for inflammatory breast cancer and living in isolation.

Buy from Amazon here.

Buy at Smashwords here.

Price: From 79p. No longer available for free from Kindle Unlimited.