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Review: The Dead Game

Author: Susanne Leist

About The Dead Game: The small town of Oasis offers tourists a promising glimpse of paradise with its sparkling white-sand beaches, majestic coastline, and legendary sunsets. But suddenly, life changes in the remote town...people begin to disappear, and some even turn up dead on the beach.

Overnight, the town turns from a dream vacation spot to an unsafe haven harboring dark secrets and murder. It all begins with the mysterious invitation to a party at End House. It is a night that neither Linda Bennett nor her friends would ever forget. From this night forward, they find themselves unwillingly trapped as pawns in a deadly game...caught in a deepening quagmire of deceit and a power play between good and evil.

To save themselves and the town, they must reveal the true face of evil-the one controlling the game and its elusive players. Will the young residents be drawn into the dark currents surrounding Oasis, or will they break free, and bring a new light into their spellbound town?

Splendidly crafted, expertly paced, with richly drawn characters, The Dead Game is a perfect supernatural thriller...with a touch of romance.

My review: Five stars - I was inspired to buy The Dead Game by the promise of something completely original and different. I wasn’t disappointed. The Dead Game is so many things rolled into one that I couldn’t help but like it. This book really is something completely new and fresh, not a template book using a tired old formula. I particularly liked the setting, the beachside community and the vampire element, and the descriptions of the business premises were so good I felt as though I was actually there as a customer.

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