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Review: The Cute Detectives: Murder at Melbrock

Author: Shane Ross

About The Cute Detectives: Murder at Melbrock: The Cute Detectives will knock you off your chair! Beautiful dialog and humorous lines, merged into a thrilling adventure full of suspense and tons of imagination.

Shane Ross manages to catch everyone’s attention, by writing an amazing, full of suspense, murder mystery novel, masterfully enhanced with a touch of comedy!

A terrible car accident will haunt the days of the local police forces, as nothing is as it seems. Chief Jones and detective Jamieson will join forces to solve the riddle behind the accident.Yet a brave fellowship of cute cats will attempt to save the day, as they reach even deeper to unravel something much darker, hiding behind a supposedly simple accident scene!Follow Charles, Toby, Juliet and Melody to an enthralling adventure in the big city, where the scary darkness of the world of Men, is cleverly presented through the glowing, keen eyes of a cat.

A beautifully written adventure book, made to reach even the most unwilling minds. The writer makes sure to keep you constantly on edge, as you would rather lose your sleep in order to discover what follows next. And when you do find out, you will catch yourself busting with laughter, getting emotional and learning a thing or two, that tomorrow may change your way of seeing the world.

In the end, how could another species be able to surpass our own abilities? Or have we become too blind to see further than our own nose?

My review: The Cute Detectives: Murder at Melbrock is original and a ‘must’ for cat lovers and those who enjoy detective stories. This enthralling novella/short read is a real page-turner and something completely different. After a dramatic start, it falls on the ‘cute detectives’ to unravel the mystery demise of a district judge. But the feline investigation uncovers a web of intrigue and more foul play - with an unlikely suspect. I really enjoyed this captivating novella. It is well-written, unusual and manages to weave in police inquiries as well as a few twists. These cats are on a mission to uncover the truth and they go out of their way to solve a dastardly crime. They duck and dive their way around the police investigation to get to the truth. Meet the Cute Detectives - Charles, Toby, Juliet and Melody - you will love them. I did!

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