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Review: Empty Chairs: Much more than a story about child abuse

Empty Chairs by Australian author Suzanne Burke is one of THE BEST books I have ever read. I first reviewed it in 2016 (I will post my original review at the end). I was so struck by Suzanne's story, written under the pen name Stacey Danson, that I read the second book in her Standing Tall and Fighting Back series, Faint Echoes of Laughter. Almost every day, I check to see if the third book has been released.

Child abuse is a difficult topic for many. I applaud Suzanne for having the courage to share her own, true story. I am one of the lucky ones; my childhood was happy. However, Suzanne's memoir reminds us to open our eyes. She has made me aware of what can and does go on behind closed doors. This book is very different to the many others you will find on similar topics, most notably because of the role a woman played in the abuse.

There are lots of things I will always remember about this series. The two most striking ones:

  • The genuine love and safety you can find in the most unlikely places.

  • Not everyone deserves to die peacefully in their sleep!

Overall, Empty Chairs is a story of survival against all the odds. It is a well-written, totally engaging book that, I guarantee, you won't be able to put down. The almost 400 reviews on Amazon US is a testament to the power of Suzanne's ability to tell her story in a way that will have you gripped from beginning to end. Just like I was.

Author Suzanne Burke: Both of the 'Stacey Danson' memoirs are best-sellers. Suzanne also writes powerful thrillers, including the highly-recommended Acts Beyond Redemption and Acts of Betrayal. She has also written a paranormal anthology, Mind-Shaft.

Empty Chairs: Stacey Danson lived through and beyond horrific child abuse. This book tells of her brutal beginnings. It explains why the streets of Sydney, at the age of eleven, were preferable to the hell she endured at home. Stacey ran, and those streets became her home - for five years.

She was alone, ill and afraid. However, she also had an unshakeable belief that she would do more than just survive. She would not allow her future to be determined by the horrors of her childhood. She reached out for something different, because she knew there had to be more to life - if she could only find it.

Stacey had a dream of a life where pain and humiliation had no place. She was determined to find that life. Empty Chairs is the beginning of the journey. Now she is living the dream.

Review, August 2016: I read every single word - sometimes twice over. Everyone should read this book. It is a shocking, but necessary, insight into a world many of us know exists but do nothing to reach out and help.

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