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Julie Jacobs stopped caring about her marriage the day she became a gambler. A former career woman, she fell further than most following the financial crash. Now she spends her days working a till in a supermarket. At night, she secretly fritters away her husband’s savings. Online gambling has sucked her into a virtual yet risky world. Pinning her hopes on a big win, she prays nobody will ever discover the ugly truth. She isn’t Lady Luck. She is a low-down, lying gambler.


The suicide of a former work colleague brings Julie’s addiction to online gambling into sharp focus. But, as her spending spirals out of control, the worst happens. Her husband discovers the truth. As he packs his bags to leave her, Julie says she is ready to change. Is she telling the truth?


Reeling from her spectacular show-down with Dave, Julie faces life alone. She is resigned to a lonely, hard future when an opportunity comes her way. It promises riches beyond her wildest dreams. Spurred on by dreams of winning back her husband, she doesn’t look before she leaps. Living the life of a multi-millionaire, she is on the cusp of ‘happily ever after’. Or is she?

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