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Lose yourself in history with 

an original Regency romance

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Foxglove Hall is a stand-alone novella set in England in 1817, the year the Prince Regent was attacked following discontent among those who had returned from the French Wars.

While poverty was pressing on the nerves of the nation, the rich continued to live charmed lives. At opulent Foxglove Hall, located in a leafy suburb of London, tragedy strikes before the heir to a shipping fortune, Lord Barrington, can formally break off his engagement to tragic Miss Dorothea Stapleton.


His head has been turned by a mysterious woman his mother, Lady Caroline, describes as a ‘harlot’.


A battle of wits threatens to turn into an all-out war when the object of Lord Barrington’s desire finds herself in debt and in jail, pursued by a stranger who is determined to break her.

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Notes: Foxglove Hall avoids the over-use of Regency dialogue to ensure a smooth read. It does reference events of the day, including (but not limited to) the impact of pollution following the industrialisation of manufacturing, the suspension of Habeas Corpus and the importance of having tea correctly.


Foxglove Hall contains NO graphic sexual scenes and is, therefore, not a 'bodice ripper'

Foxglove Hall is written by crime fiction author Belinda Bennett and is free to read. It is published here in full, in a single file with clickable links.


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